Frequently asked questions

1. How does FilmLush work?

FilmLush is a leading online venue for movie entertainment.

FilmLush members can watch any title from our extensive movie library instantly
and in the best quality available on the internet.

All members get access to the Members' Area, where you can build your own personal movie library, check out ratings and reviews of new releases, discuss and share your own thoughts on the hottest new releases and timeless movie classics

2. How can I get started watching movies instantly?

There are 3 Easy Steps to watching movies on FilmLush.

Step 1
Create your account.

Step 2
Browse or search for a movie, with thousands of titles to choose from.

Step 3
Stream the movie you choose instantly to your PC, Mac and many other
internet-ready devices.

And remember, there are no late fees, no waiting for downloads, and no additional software required.

3. What makes FilmLush the best in online movie entertainment?

It's QUICK. It's EASY. We know you're gonna love what FilmLush has to offer:

· Instant PLAY - no waiting to download movies. Just click play and instantly
  start watching a movie.
· A comprehensive library of movies in HD Quality.
· It just works (adaptive streaming for top quality).
· Save money and save time (no going to the post office).
· It works on your PC or MAC!· No Special software required - no downloads,
  no installations.
· Convenience - Watch movies anytime, anywhere.

4. How easy it is to use FilmLush?

FilmLush was designed for anyone to use. Simply find your movie and click to play instantly.

Our intuitive Members' Area allows you to easily find exactly what you want to watch. With smart searching by actor, director, genre and much more, you can find the movies you want to watch in less than 3 clicks! There's no download times, no additional software required, and no hassle!

5. What are the system requirements to stream movies to my PC or MAC?

These are the minimal system requirements for playing movies on FilmLush.

Operating System:
· Windows XP and Vista
· Mac and Linux (if the flash player is installed)
· Minimum 600 MHz
· Recommended 1.5 GHz or faster

· Minimum 512 MB
· Recommended 1GB or more

Hard Drive:
· Minimum 10 GB free space
· Recommended 20 GB or more free space

Screen resolution:
· Minimum 800 x 600
· Recommended 1024 x 768

· A sound card, speakers or other audio output

· Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher.
· Firefox 1.5+
· Safari 5+
· Flash 10

Internet Connection:
· Broadband/High Speed (DSL or Cable)

If you aren't sure if your system meets the minimal requirements listed above,
please visit the following link and test the video playback:

6. Can I watch movies from FilmLush on my TV?

Of course! Simply connect your computer to any TV with a DVI or HDMI input using a DVI/HDMI cable.

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